LaLa Land

A movie star. A singer. An author. All amazingly difficult careers.

Who do I want to be? I want to be all. But…

A). I have terrible stage fright…

B). I am not a great singer.

C). I am not adventerous…but I have imagination. So I guess this is it…

I admire people who chase their dreams, knowing that these obstacles are in their way. The big skyscrapers that don’t allow one to take a short cut.


I heard many say that college is a ticket to a successful life. Yet, many people survive with not having a college degree. Is college a waste of time? Am I wasting time? This is what I want to do!!! question

My advice to you guys, at the moment, will be follow the dreams that you have. Follow them like if your life depended on it.


BUT… there isn’t any creepy alleyways you can use. Meaning no shortcuts. Tears will be shed. You’ll want to give up…but you can’t and MUST NOT! But if you must, think about the Lala land you want.



Merry Christmas

“There comes a time when we heed a certain call. When the world must come together as one”(We Are the One). Most of us. If not all of us, have made a comment that left somebody crying, mad, or just plain disappointed. I wish I didn’t have to admit it, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t.

This weekend I had the satisfaction to celebrate another Christmas with my family. My sister and I gave out presents this year with the little money that we both made. This Christmas was filled with many new customs for us. However, it also opened my eyes to what Christmas should be about.

My family worried that they would not have enough money to give us– nieces and nephews– presents. Now let that sit and sink in. PRESENTS?!

If you think about the religious reason we celebrate Christmas, it is WAY different from the actual reason we celebrate it now. My family raised me Catholic, so what I learned is that it is Jesus’s birthday. I know that I do not celebrate Christmas because of Jesus’s birthday.

What do you celebrate on Christmas Aimee?

Well, that’s the thing. I used to celebrate it because of the presents that I would get from my family and of course Santa Clause. I am ashamed to say that this was the way I had celebrated Christmas for at least two years ago (maybe even less). Since then, I am trying to think of why I celebrate Christmas.presents

I got my answer. I celebrate Christmas to be with my family and to enjoy the little time we have together. But it gets me thinking that not everybody celebrates Christmas with family.xmas So if y’all can. Next year, make a child smile on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Give clothes or shelter to the homeless and tell them that they are not alone. Adopt a pet and give them a place to call home. Most importantly…love each other. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Merry Christmas!!!