Level Finished!!!

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of”(Bruce Lee).

I apologize for not writing any sooner, but apparently I love life too much that I couldn’t waste an hour or two to write a small blog post. So I am sorry! Not that you guys care.

No honestly, a lot has happened in the month of February. I got my schedule ready for the next semester. In a way it was awesome…Knowing that I am going to be a Sophomore in College. But…It also sucks. I have been told that I contradict myself way too often. Well, I’m sorry, but not (I guess that proves it). College is a thing that everybody gets excited about..Myself included. However, as I’m living the experience, I came to the conclusion that it is very much like high school part two. I hated high school! I hate college!!! I have three papers due, two test next week, and I’m tired. I never was a braniac, and I never will be. I hate school almost more than running and that is saying something. Okay maybe not…Or else I would have dropped. Anyways, school is coming to an end. My first year is almost complete. Level finished!


February is almost finished, which means Black History Month is almost finished. I don’t think Black History should be focused on a single month. I can’t begin to understand the frustration they feel due to this, but I know for a fact that it sucks. They changed history, and helped all of the minorities get ahead. Thank you! ANYWAYS… Yesterday night was the Oscars (a movie award show) and black people made history. The ALL black cast and crew of the movie, Moonlight won the Best Motion Picture award. Congratulations Moonlight!!! It makes me want to watch their movie.

Another thing that happen…I went to Leroy’s Sanchez concert…again. We met him…again. That’s right! We got VIP passes. We made it at the bar, Schubas (totally don’t think I spelled it right) and apparently we were there early and it was all good. As we listened to his sweet voice, and had an awkward conversation…it was finished. We had lined up to take a picture, and everything was going all right, except the butterflies in my stomach. As I reached in for hug, and about to take the picture I asked if I could take a picture in between him and his guitarist, Corey Rupp. I am an idiot! I will always be remembered as of the girl who asked for Corey. Whatever, I ended up getting my picture…with both of them…separately. The night had ended, and I was heart broken. Next time Leroy! leroys-concert


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