lifetitleLife is something beautiful, or at least that’s what I keep hearing. At times, I just wish that I could drop dead. Too bad!

I’m a normal chick, who happens to be in high school what seems to be the most challenging time of my life. Cliché, I know.

In a class room, I am the quiet girl. I’m always thinking and never paying to the lesson that is going on. Yet, somehow people always think that I am judging them.

Yes, my eyes wander. Yes, I have a “fuck of” look, so I am terribly sorry.
I am kind of geeky or nerdy. Not knowing whether they are different or not. People keep telling me its the same thing. Whatever, my life is full of cliches.

A girl who is very self conscious, and is hoping to meet the very love of her life. Who will happen to love every single thing about her. Yes, I am a very cliché type of girl.