Christmas 2017

First I would like to wish all of you guys a Merry Christmas!!! How was your holidays, or simply your day?

My holidays were just an ordinary day with the family. Difference was staying up late and eating more than usual (maybe a little too much). I’m still stuff, which caused me to not eat properly today. Maybe this post will just be pictures…so here are some that I took today and yesterday.

A picture a few of my cousins and I took on Christmas Eve.

False alarm! Well while Christmas Eve was a day to party, Christmas was a day to DIE!!!!  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I woke up at eleven in the morning. The rest of the day was kind of slow. I watched Pitch Perfect 3! It was good.



Today was the first day it snowed and accumulated…well not really. But it did snow. Which is kind of funny because yesterday I listened to Zion T’s new song, “Snow,” and it described the first snow day (according to the translations).

-A beautiful song!

I can’t really pick and decide whether time is passing by fast, or slow, but listening to this song makes me believe that time is going by slow. It made me feel sad…that one day I could just be gone.

Which it also made me feel quite aggravated I wanted to do something. While the feeling went down, it isn’t completely shut down. I want to do so many things, but all I can do is breathe and do nothing. I don’t know if I was feeling anxious; I definitely was feeling moody!

I ate and did a little bit of homework… and I think I’m leaving it till the last minute because I am an idiot. Anyway all that time and I felt like I needed out…I was suffocating. My sister rescued me. She told me, “You want to do something spontaneous? Come to Meijer with me.”

A trip to the stores was what I needed to feel that I was living. Thinking about it now, it is quite silly. But this week I never felt more alive and curious.

-A Wednesday morning outside of my house.

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to do a spontaneous adventure?

October Craze

A lot has happened this past month…so many confessions.

To those who aren’t Hispanic… this was a comedy show and it was a lady who was always confessing about something, and always found a way to make it sound dirty and nasty! (Not always that dirty)

A time to talk and release stress and tears! A time to just look at how fast life is passing by!Or just plain simply a time to get busy. Is that why October is called the “October Craze”, or did I just make that up? If I did, it still sounds good.

I am almost finished with my first semester of school, and that is quite surprising. Tell me I am getting ahead of myself, but I seriously believe that I can graduate a year early. Not only that but today I set an appointment to talk to someone who can help me build a decent resume, and hopefully this summer, I might have an internship. Oh! I got a job too!

This Halloween I was Batgirl! It was a pretty cute costume!

I did my nails, and my tutu. I still have both, and at the moment I want to destroy both of them.

Then Sunday came and my cousins wanted to get their Halloween spirit on and go to a Haunted House…so like always I didn’t go. But I took my younger cousin out to see Madea Two: Boo. We had a good time! It was a day for a fatty like myself to enjoy, especially in Hollywood Boulevard! Plus in a way, we were getting our Halloween on. I love hanging out with her…it makes me feel like an older sister. I enjoy it! It takes me on memory lane from back on my adventures with my sister. Not that we don’t have them right now.


– A little snippet of the movie.

Well from this week and now, school and work are the things keeping me busy in life. In three weeks from now I have finals. Well technically four, but I’m not counting Thanksgiving week. Time to diet because Thanksgiving is coming and I’m going to gain so much weight! Till the next time!




Sister Date

I can’t help but think that my life is not interesting. There is a perfect quote that sums up my freaking life…

The notebook

The saddest part is that this is the old Noah Calhoun from The Notebook. Yes, I just said that I live like an old man. Yet yesterday night, I had an adventure and honestly for me it wasn’t a fun adventure. But will I remember this day???

Anyway, yesterday! Right! It was a no biggie type of day, just chill at home and do homework. My sister got back from work and she took me out on a date. To Olive Garden! Meanwhile my parents were at some wedding (it’s kind of funny how my parents are more the party type than us).

So while we waited and ate, everything was going good. The food was delicious! I was stuffed! We drove home, to realize we locked ourselves out. No keys or garage opener! Out in the cold…we were freaking out. I had homework, and my computer was on.

So my sister was like we have two options: we crash a party (we were actually invited) or break a window. I didn’t want to do either, but I rather deal with a party instead of getting yelled at by our parents.

So by 10 at night, we got a simple present and arrived at this party. We honestly left like an hour or two after. We waited with my aunt until my parents got home. That wasn’t like two hours after, so like at one in the morning. I didn’t go to sleep till like three in the morning…haha! But that’s because of homework.

I would like to tell my children these little adventures. The ones I would have with my sister. Tell them that age does not really matter, and that they could get along just fine.



Carpe Diem

Dead Poets Society

“Oh Captain, my Captain!” Robert William, how you made me feel in this film has no words. It’s kind of funny on how you get to know of certain things. In the first week of school, my poetry professor showed us a clip of the film–Dead Poet’s Society. I never would have imagined finding it on Netflix. From that small clip I got drawn to watch this movie. An exceptional movie.

-The scene that my professor showed.

I watched the Dead Poet’s Society last week. Today I picked up a book called Note to Self, and it made me feel the same way. My question is…

-Beautifully written!

What is this feeling?

I came to the conclusion that it is almost the same feeling as feeling infinite. When I feel infinite, I feel like I’m living life for a reason. That there is no such thing as a BAD THING! That I can actually be the extraordinary author!

-“And at this moment I swear we were infinite”

So…These films, books, and even songs…are things that motivate me to be me. It motivates me to be human. To cry. To feel every single emotion that is running inside of me like a stream of water. I feel like I am able to be someone.

-My favorite scene of this movie! I cried and I felt what Todd was feeling…anxious, scared, and even mad. And at last…I felt relief. Is this what words can do?

Dead Poets Society

So today, I end this blog with one simple statement: LIVE!


El Dia del Grito

I honestly don’t know what it’s like to be a teenager. There I said it! Or for a matter of fact, a college student! I am in my last teens and in my second year of college. Yet, I still find myself craving late night talks with a group of six or seven girls. I mean don’t get me wrong…I love having one on one talks with my best friends.

Yesterday night I invited my friends to my house to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day. When I was getting them food, my dad looks at us and he offers me and my friends a wine cooler. Any other person would say, “Oh my god! A wine cooler!” but I came from parents who wouldn’t even let me take a sip of whatever they had. Point being, that I respect their wish and don’t drink not even when I am surrounded by people who are having a blast drinking. BTW I don’t condone underage drinking…but if you have your parents’ okay then who am I to say so.

Friday night

Anyway, being there with my friends I didn’t know what to say or do because I’m not living the crazy teenage life. I’m not saying they are crazy teens…but in my opinion they are living more than I am.

The Mexican spirit was real! Green dress, white shoes, red nails! It’s a Mexican holiday where you scream. -From Prada to Nada

I’m about to go real on you guys, and I pray that Mr. Someone won’t read this…EVER. I am crushing on this guy…and lately I am just saying YOLO and now I want to get his digits. I don’t know how to ask or how to even bring it up. Yes this is my life… if something happens, I’ll keep you guys in touch.

Well in seven months, I’m gonna be twenty. The famous roaring twenties. I don’t know if they are going to be a blast or not, but if things start happening well maybe they will be fun. I don’t know! At the moment, they are kind of boring, but oh well!

Favorite cover!!!



“Be Alright”

Okay! So my first week of school could be classified as something like AWFUL! The first few weeks are awkward, but well if I try to look at it in a positive way then everything was alright.

first week

My promises were not kept…whoops! No I am not excercising. Yes I broke my diet. Yes I swear to god that my first week was awful!

However, I have told you that lately I have been sick and tired of feeling the way I feel. Depressed. Dark. Feeling like I am going nowhere in my life, so I decided to make little changes. Be more optimistic. Love yourself.

That being said, it’s a lot harder than you think. Trying to love myself? What is that? Optimistic? What does it mean? It means to think of happy things and to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m beautiful!”

When I was younger, I thought because I was “fat” that I was ugly. Now I think that I’m beautiful! ANY SIZE, GENDER, AND RACE ARE BEAUTIFUL!

So while everything is going down….I’m just looking up!