Snapchat-981200939¬†Friends! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How have y’all been?

As y’all can tell, I am as busy as the tiniest ant in this world. School can make someone busy, and well a job that I’m no longer going to be at. Maybe I will have more time to spare. Anyways, this is going to be a little catch up post.

I’m already half way in through semester two, and like I have said…I feel like I am terribly busy. It’s always school, and if it’s not school then it was my job. But then it’s the smaller things like, but these tend to rotate: friends and family. My days are always school, then some days automatically I would go to work. That was my day. I feel tired and stressed out, and I hear how some girls are living like that. Honestly props to them, because I am so tired all the time. I recently gave my two weeks for my job, and I think starting next week…I will have time to work out. I’m going to try and get this “summer bod!”

Talking about summer, in two weeks I have an appointment with a woman who is in charge of the local magazine…and I’m hoping that by then I will have an internship in this magazine. That’s exciting!

What else?

I finished with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, that was on Netflix. This is a video of a little something I had found, but it has spoilers.

Honestly, I haven’t watched many shows. Sometimes I’ll try to watch an episode or a movie here and there, but mostly it is just music that I listen to. My favorite one at the moment being…”Mine” by Bazzi. The music video is a little frisky…so beware.



The Choice

“Come bother me,” This was probably the most repetitive line from the movie–The Choice. It was cute.

Well, today it’s the end of my winter break. My friend said, that she wants her break longer. Personally I think that three weeks is more than enough! I’m ready for this. Last semester passed way too fast! I think this one is going to fly as well. The longest month is March, but in March I have my Spring break, so it doesn’t count.

In this movie / book, they kept saying that life is made out of decisions. Right now, I’m debating to myself whether I want to volunteer for the Peace Corps or do EPIK which both will be doing the same thing…teaching abroad. But I also sort of just want to settle down…I know! I’ll barely be 22…I have more than enough time to settle down.

It’s one of my choices that I will have to make!

1 / 365

My dear friends, I write to you to express my 12 memorable moments of 2017. I wish all of you guys a great 2018!

1). Leroy Sanchez Part One

My first time that I got VIP passes, and one of the few times that I regretted opening my mouth. It’s totally worth it! I cherish this, because this incident cause the future Leroy to remember me… A FAN!!!


2). Pho and Descendants of the Sun

My sister is always up for random adventures, even if it’s to go to the stores at 10 o’clock at night. Yeah sure, they’re never huge adventures but sometimes those are the best. This year one of the small adventures was trying Pho for the first time. What made it more memorable and it’s going to be dumb, but I got her to start watching Descendants of the Sun and to this day…we are still watching it. We’ll finish it. I promise you!

3). Kay Kay’s 15

We had gone to Missouri to celebrate my cousin’s 15, and there was this moment where we were calling it a night, and I had to helped my cousin take off her 15 dress. I don’t know. I guess it was the fact that five years ago my sister and Kay Kay’s sister (my cousin) were doing exactly that for my surprise dance. Anyway this just made me realize that I’m officially the older cousin that had the opportunity to help and be in someone’s important day.


4). Smoothies of 2017???

On the day of my cousin’s graduation, there was this smoothie place right by the place we were waiting. We were hungry and hot, so we decided to take a little stop at the smoothies. I have no idea what place we stopped by but it was amazing and I want to go again.

5).Thai and rolled ice cream

Simple enough? My first time trying both of those things.



This straight up was my favorite!!! Three weeks of pure beautiful sights and so much to learn. There is no words to describe how much I miss this country. From looking outside of the hotel and spending my nights reading, and doing something that was so out of my comfort zone (the obstacle course and ziplining). Also, meeting my family. It was so much fun and I hope I go back.

7). Kwon JiYong

Damn it! Looking back I still cannot believe that I did this…this was definitely spontaneous! I enjoyed this joy and I was so close. I’m glad I went to yours even if I couldn’t go to Taeyang’s. Doesn’t mean I don’t regret it! I legit cry everytime I couldn’t hear my fave…”Eyes, Nose, Lips!!!”

8). Leroy Sanchez Part Two

He remembered me!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A complete meltdown.

9). MY July Fourth

I say MY because during July Fourth I was too busy being a Mexican. Ha! So I really wanted to see some fireworks. We took a day to go to Navy Pier, and along the way we walked around the beach and took in the night like it was ours. Played with the water. Took some cute ass pictures while enjoying our Starbucks. I never would have imagined going at night would be so memorable.

10). Shawn Mendes

We surprised my 13 year old cousin with Shawn Mendes’s concert tickets, and well she loved it. His vocals were amazing!

11). Sophomore Part One

I completed my first half of Sophomore year and passed. I’m kind of happy about the year almost finishing.

12). The Greatest Showman

This is probably going to be last film I watch in 2017. I can say that it was the best choice of this year. If you love musicals, then I recommend it!!! I’ll probably make a post on my other blog site.

Christmas 2017

First I would like to wish all of you guys a Merry Christmas!!! How was your holidays, or simply your day?

My holidays were just an ordinary day with the family. Difference was staying up late and eating more than usual (maybe a little too much). I’m still stuff, which caused me to not eat properly today. Maybe this post will just be pictures…so here are some that I took today and yesterday.

A picture a few of my cousins and I took on Christmas Eve.

False alarm! Well while Christmas Eve was a day to party, Christmas was a day to DIE!!!!¬† Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I woke up at eleven in the morning. The rest of the day was kind of slow. I watched Pitch Perfect 3! It was good.


Today was the first day it snowed and accumulated…well not really. But it did snow. Which is kind of funny because yesterday I listened to Zion T’s new song, “Snow,” and it described the first snow day (according to the translations).

-A beautiful song!

I can’t really pick and decide whether time is passing by fast, or slow, but listening to this song makes me believe that time is going by slow. It made me feel sad…that one day I could just be gone.

Which it also made me feel quite aggravated I wanted to do something. While the feeling went down, it isn’t completely shut down. I want to do so many things, but all I can do is breathe and do nothing. I don’t know if I was feeling anxious; I definitely was feeling moody!

I ate and did a little bit of homework… and I think I’m leaving it till the last minute because I am an idiot. Anyway all that time and I felt like I needed out…I was suffocating. My sister rescued me. She told me, “You want to do something spontaneous? Come to Meijer with me.”

A trip to the stores was what I needed to feel that I was living. Thinking about it now, it is quite silly. But this week I never felt more alive and curious.

-A Wednesday morning outside of my house.

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to do a spontaneous adventure?

October Craze

A lot has happened this past month…so many confessions.

To those who aren’t Hispanic… this was a comedy show and it was a lady who was always confessing about something, and always found a way to make it sound dirty and nasty! (Not always that dirty)

A time to talk and release stress and tears! A time to just look at how fast life is passing by!Or just plain simply a time to get busy. Is that why October is called the “October Craze”, or did I just make that up? If I did, it still sounds good.

I am almost finished with my first semester of school, and that is quite surprising. Tell me I am getting ahead of myself, but I seriously believe that I can graduate a year early. Not only that but today I set an appointment to talk to someone who can help me build a decent resume, and hopefully this summer, I might have an internship. Oh! I got a job too!

This Halloween I was Batgirl! It was a pretty cute costume!

I did my nails, and my tutu. I still have both, and at the moment I want to destroy both of them.

Then Sunday came and my cousins wanted to get their Halloween spirit on and go to a Haunted House…so like always I didn’t go. But I took my younger cousin out to see Madea Two: Boo. We had a good time! It was a day for a fatty like myself to enjoy, especially in Hollywood Boulevard! Plus in a way, we were getting our Halloween on. I love hanging out with her…it makes me feel like an older sister. I enjoy it! It takes me on memory lane from back on my adventures with my sister. Not that we don’t have them right now.


– A little snippet of the movie.

Well from this week and now, school and work are the things keeping me busy in life. In three weeks from now I have finals. Well technically four, but I’m not counting Thanksgiving week. Time to diet because Thanksgiving is coming and I’m going to gain so much weight! Till the next time!




Dear Someone,

You’re probably living a pretty damn well life…or you’re probably not. I don’t know anymore, and that’s what hurts. It’s been well over four years since I haven’t seen you.

I changed. I’m not the same, and I’m pretty sure you have too. Who could have imagined that with four years I would have changed? But then again I was barely going to be a Sophomore in High School, and now I’m a Sophomore in college. Crazy! Let me tell you how my day was (the one question people hate answering).

16 Year Old Me

– Last Days of Summer 2017

I woke up at six like I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…I have an eight o’clock class and the commute is 45 minutes long. Oh and as you can imagine I have my license! However, today I swiped the snooze button the other way. I slept in. I woke up at 7:20 am and I knew I was going to be late, so I gave up and decided that it wasn’t worth going to that class late. I told my mom that class got cancelled.

As I got out of the house, I realized I didn’t have my keys…my CAR keys! “Great way to go genius!” was all I could think about when I was calling my mother telling her that same thing. I could hear her laugh, while she teased me. But there she was at the door handing me the forgotten keys.

Standing in the cold for like ten minutes was long enough to get my skin red and itchy, so I blast the heat up. Just like the music.

I got to school, with luck I found parking. I had thirty minutes till my next class started, so I decided to print out the essay that was due and pray that I would get a good grade, because I’m not good at school. It was never an easy thing for me, but that’s beside the point.

Forgetting one more thing…actually various things, or at least that’s what it feels like. My life feels like it is going crazy, yet here I am trying to push through. Just as I pushed through this day at school (the place I don’t want to be at).

-With much love, your forgotten someone!

P.S Hopefully, I’ll be the amazing author (English Major) and teach abroad in other countries. Kill two birds with one stone. I wish you the best!