Snapchat-981200939¬†Friends! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How have y’all been?

As y’all can tell, I am as busy as the tiniest ant in this world. School can make someone busy, and well a job that I’m no longer going to be at. Maybe I will have more time to spare. Anyways, this is going to be a little catch up post.

I’m already half way in through semester two, and like I have said…I feel like I am terribly busy. It’s always school, and if it’s not school then it was my job. But then it’s the smaller things like, but these tend to rotate: friends and family. My days are always school, then some days automatically I would go to work. That was my day. I feel tired and stressed out, and I hear how some girls are living like that. Honestly props to them, because I am so tired all the time. I recently gave my two weeks for my job, and I think starting next week…I will have time to work out. I’m going to try and get this “summer bod!”

Talking about summer, in two weeks I have an appointment with a woman who is in charge of the local magazine…and I’m hoping that by then I will have an internship in this magazine. That’s exciting!

What else?

I finished with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, that was on Netflix. This is a video of a little something I had found, but it has spoilers.

Honestly, I haven’t watched many shows. Sometimes I’ll try to watch an episode or a movie here and there, but mostly it is just music that I listen to. My favorite one at the moment being…”Mine” by Bazzi. The music video is a little frisky…so beware.



The Choice

“Come bother me,” This was probably the most repetitive line from the movie–The Choice. It was cute.

Well, today it’s the end of my winter break. My friend said, that she wants her break longer. Personally I think that three weeks is more than enough! I’m ready for this. Last semester passed way too fast! I think this one is going to fly as well. The longest month is March, but in March I have my Spring break, so it doesn’t count.

In this movie / book, they kept saying that life is made out of decisions. Right now, I’m debating to myself whether I want to volunteer for the Peace Corps or do EPIK which both will be doing the same thing…teaching abroad. But I also sort of just want to settle down…I know! I’ll barely be 22…I have more than enough time to settle down.

It’s one of my choices that I will have to make!

Bye Bye Teen Years

I’m officially 19!!! It’s crazy! My last official years of being a teen and then it is straight into my twenties.

Every single movie I have watched depicts your teens and twenties like the best part of your life. Which I find incredibly funny because so far my teens have been horrible. They were full of insecurities and days that I had to learn how to love myself. In all honesty, I’m still working on it.

BUT not everything was awful. My teens had brought some of the most special days: Quince, Prom, Graduation of 2016, and probably more. I have grown closer to the few friends I have and my sister.

While I am absolutely terrified of growing older, I also accept it. I accept that it might be harder and that it won’t come easy. There will be days that I think I am not going to make it, and give up. I accept this life I was given, and I will try with all my might to achieve the things a teen is suppose to do. I don’t keep any promises. I’ll have fun and live life as it is. Because my teen years taught me to just live and have no worries.


P.S Pictures of today…