Flower Road

Spring Break part two. That’s what I should call this post. I needed this break, but I feel like I am still feeling stressed and tired and unable to move on with school, but “ya que” right? This break has me all sorts of confused and exhausted! It makes me want a legit and honest break. Where’s summer y’all?! Okay! Y’all right! I should stop complaining. This is what I did this spring break.


It was awful…in all sorts of way, but in the end I ended up learning more about who I am. You have to get through the worst in order to get to the highs right? This song is just a little jam that sounds depressing but it really isn’t…lol.


I had an appointment at Endiro Cafe, and I have never been to such a cute cafe. The place itself had a rustic and antique look,  and it screamed out hipster. I could already imagine a young person going there sitting next to a window and looking out to the sidewalk and imagining a story and giving it life to it on paper and pen or the tips of his or her fingers. Next to him/her would be the coffee served in a glass or ceramic cup filled with their choice of poison, whether it be latte or cappuccino or anything with caffeine. Yet I was there with my sister, and I didn’t give birth to a beautiful poem. Instead I made sure that I could inhale the avocado toast, the latte, and the nutty nutella smoothie.

That wasn’t the end of my day! No sir, it wasn’t! I drove back to home, and there I went to Hobby Lobby with my sister. There, we bought materials that I needed for a little project that I was doing for the rest of the week… THE scrapbook album. The one that showed all the little adventures that I have had with my cousin. It was going to be my present for her. I hope she likes it. In fact, we actually spent the day with her afterwards.

Her little brother had not been to Panera, so my sister invited him out to hang out with the “big kids” for the day. I bought the kid some Andy’s custard ice cream. We watch Victoria, a Spanish horror movie. Called it a day!


I totally forgot what I did for the rest of the week for my Spring Break last week. On Saturday, I had to say to goodbye to a special person. Don’t worry; she just had to move! So that was pretty upsetting, but I enjoyed our last day together. I hope you guys have or had a bomb ass Spring Break.

My favorite K-Pop band is in a hiatus due to their military duties, but they prepared this song for their fans. Very much appreciated! It is one of my favorite songs!




Snapchat-981200939 Friends! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How have y’all been?

As y’all can tell, I am as busy as the tiniest ant in this world. School can make someone busy, and well a job that I’m no longer going to be at. Maybe I will have more time to spare. Anyways, this is going to be a little catch up post.

I’m already half way in through semester two, and like I have said…I feel like I am terribly busy. It’s always school, and if it’s not school then it was my job. But then it’s the smaller things like, but these tend to rotate: friends and family. My days are always school, then some days automatically I would go to work. That was my day. I feel tired and stressed out, and I hear how some girls are living like that. Honestly props to them, because I am so tired all the time. I recently gave my two weeks for my job, and I think starting next week…I will have time to work out. I’m going to try and get this “summer bod!”

Talking about summer, in two weeks I have an appointment with a woman who is in charge of the local magazine…and I’m hoping that by then I will have an internship in this magazine. That’s exciting!

What else?

I finished with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, that was on Netflix. This is a video of a little something I had found, but it has spoilers.

Honestly, I haven’t watched many shows. Sometimes I’ll try to watch an episode or a movie here and there, but mostly it is just music that I listen to. My favorite one at the moment being…”Mine” by Bazzi. The music video is a little frisky…so beware.


The Choice

“Come bother me,” This was probably the most repetitive line from the movie–The Choice. It was cute.

Well, today it’s the end of my winter break. My friend said, that she wants her break longer. Personally I think that three weeks is more than enough! I’m ready for this. Last semester passed way too fast! I think this one is going to fly as well. The longest month is March, but in March I have my Spring break, so it doesn’t count.

In this movie / book, they kept saying that life is made out of decisions. Right now, I’m debating to myself whether I want to volunteer for the Peace Corps or do EPIK which both will be doing the same thing…teaching abroad. But I also sort of just want to settle down…I know! I’ll barely be 22…I have more than enough time to settle down.

It’s one of my choices that I will have to make!

Sophomore Year!!!

“It doesn’t surprise me when people in the public fall into drugs, addiction, alcohol, depression and suicide. If I didn’t have my faith and I didn’t have my community, I’d be right there with them” (Arden Cho).

As I said in my last blog post if it weren’t for the people in my life, I would have also join these people. No, I’m not saying it to be funny. Arden Cho, I wish you the best in your career and in your life! Check her out!!!

Other than a YouTuber, she is also an actor, singer, and blogger / vlogger. Check out her blog! https://www.eastofarden.com/ 

Anyway, this is my last weekend of summer! It is such a bitter-sweet feeling. This summer has been one of the most funnest (is that a word??? ohh bilingual problems). From going to Missouri, to Mexico, and spending time with friends and family, this summer was probably one of my best summers. I’ve read three books: Unfilter: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me by Lilly Collins, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, and See Me by Nicholas Sparks. I also started another one…but I didn’t finish it.

This past week was actually probably the worst way to end the summer, but oh well. I really can’t complain. Friday: my aunt came over. Saturday: I have a birthday party to go to. Sunday: is still a mystery.

This Monday marks the start of my Sophomore Year of College. I need to take a deep breath and focus on getting good grades. soph

I also wanted to give an update on the Yes, You Can! diet. Well, I have lost about five pounds so…I guess that is something good! I’m planning on using my school’s gym and workout after my class… at least on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Let’s see if I can keep that promise.

Yes You Can

I guess…I’m ready for school!!!

Freshman 2016 – 2017

I’m finished with this SHIT (excuse the language)! I wish I could say that I am finished with college, but sadly it’s only my first year. If I were to explain what college is like, I would say (in reality I found), “Stressed out anxiety-prone teens running on three hours of sleep and a shit ton of coffee.” High school seniors…that’s exactly what you are going into. It’s not all bad…I guess. Four things that my Freshman year of college taught me:

Do your homework! I know this is such a cliche…and I know most kids do it either way. Yet, in high school you turn in a late assignment and you could possibly get full points. My first week of school, and I was trying to get used to how college worked. I messed up! I missed the deadlines. Or… I would forget the assignment all together. Anyway… I missed the first big assignment…the professor took almost a whole letter grade to it.

Parking is hell. The first day wasn’t bad. However, the next few days to come were awful! Basically, if you had a class at 9 and on…you’re screwed. The only times I was able to find parking was on Tuesday and Thursday. That was after one pm. My advice to commuters going to any school is to get there at least thirty minutes before your class starts. In my opinion, that is still pushing it.

Don’t procrastinate! Which I guess could go with the first one, but what the heck! If you want good grades you have to study. I tend to push studying until it became the last important things. Just try to do everything on time, because if not college is going to be difficult. It was for me…

Arrive on your finals on time! With my fxxxking luck, I got late to one final in each semester. Therefore, put an alarm and go TWO hours before your exam!!! At least if it’s snowing. That was my luck…it snowed and it was icy. Boom, there was an accident!