Garibaldi Ready

Guys, I’m officially twenty! Let that sink in…ya girl needs only one more year to be legally ready to drink. I had a whole birthday weekend, where the most important people had given their beautiful birthday wishes (THANKS!).

FRIDAY – May 25

Low-key not the best birthday. I was cleaning the whole day because my mom was hosting the birthday party at our house. But by five my sister took me out to a restaurant in Naperville called Joy Yee.

The server sat us down in a small corner. I couldn’t help to blame the server for dragging, but maybe they were just that packed with people. Anyway after a while, the server got our order. We ended up getting: Korean Spicy Fried Vege Dumplings (appetizers), Won ton Chicken Noodle Soup (me), and my sister got the Korean Special Combination Noodles. It was delicious, especially the appetizers. In the end we both got our drinks to go. My sister got the pineapple coconut freeze with tapioca, and I got the caramel milk tea with tapioca. Mine was a little too sweet, but my sister’s smoothie tasted like piña colada, which is always a good thing.

Saturday – May 26

More errands. I took my grandma to the doctor first thing in the morning. She had to get some x-rays to her lungs, and I have never felt like such a failure. I am a horrible at translating and talking, and I’m just a hot mess times two. Anyway, after the doctor, I took her out for some breakfast at McDonald’s cause I’m too poor for anything else. The good thing is that she actually likes McDonald’s breakfast.

When I got home, I just relaxed for a little bit before the mess of people started coming. The time started passing by while I did the little things, and before I knew it I was ready. But guess what, I got another errand. This time I had to get Popeye’s chicken. I took out my cousin’s for the little spin, and we stopped by Starbuck’s. After that it was just a family party vibe. People come, you say hi, you eat, you sit and chat, you get cake, and people leave.

Sunday – May 27

It was a lazy family Sunday. Towards the end, I took my cousin to buy an outfit for her pinning ceremony (she’s graduating eight grade this year). We went to Target, Ross, and Meijer. I always enjoy my time with her, and I have a feeling I always will.

Monday – May 28

I like pop music, so all that basic “it’s always on the radio” type of music. Sometimes I’ll go out of my way by listening to some R&B, slow rock, indie, or some Latino music. But damn, this day I went full blown Mexican.

Garibaldi is a music festival like Lollapalooza. In the past, it was more of the Hispanic pop music, but lately these last few years it is more banda and all of that jazz.

But that being said, I still didn’t know what to expect. So I was kind of surprised by how many people were there. That people actually danced and took out people to dance. I wish I would have liked the music more, because maybe I would have enjoyed it so much more. Since I don’t know the music, I don’t know how to dance, throughout the whole time I was just like “uhhhh what do I do now?”

But I did dance a couple, and my friends were being goofy and the guys that we went with were cool. They all teased me because I’m a stick dancing…in other words really stiff.

Maybe I’ll get better with time, and I’ll enjoy myself more and hopefully I like the music more, and only then I would go.


Es Tiempo de Vals


“Keep calm and lose yourself in the music.”

keep calm

The sound of music in your ear has the most peaceful way to relax and put you to sleep. Which is one of the reasons why I love to take my iPod or phone with me on road trips. Yes, this weekend was already planned ahead of time. The plans were to go to Missouri to be with the family and celebrate my cousin’s quinceañera. Well what can I say, we did exactly that…no random adventure. No summer/weekend fling. It was just a weekend to chill with the fam.

On Thursday night, my mom told us to be ready by five o’clock in the morning. Naturally I put the alarm at 4:30 am. To my shock, no one was awake. I gave myself ten to fifteen minutes to sleep in and wake up naturally. Yet a few minutes later and my parents woke up. Everyone is awake and we’re pumped. The energy was jumping everywhere, and the coffee did not help with that. However being in the car for eight hours straight has a way to drain you. As you’re in the second hour of the road trip you hands move to your best friend… technology. Sad, but true.

The first hour or so on the way to Missouri and I’m already munchin’ on a blue-berry muffin and caramel ice coffee.

While my iPod has all my favorite songs, it also has my soul. As I’m typing this down… I’m on my way back to Chicago and in the first hour of the trip. Which is rather soon but we’ll I’m listening to Lay It Down by Lloyd.

Anyway, we got to Missouri at noon and that first day we caught up with everyone and everything. Where we enjoyed a good meal in the backyard, which was Ribs and rice. Second day, was the day of the quince. That’s just a traditional big party. We went to the church. Then to Denny’s and straight to the hotel where we took a nap and waited until it was the time to go to the party. Third day, we spent almost the whole day at my uncle’s house. We had breakfast and later had a barbecue.


While I said there were no surprising events, I sort of lied. During our weekend stay. The first day my cousin took us to Lee Summit mall and Yogurtini. Second Day was Denny’s and Mickey D’s. Third day was a price chopper. Still not very exciting but some of the things were very delicious.

Glad to have came!

Bye Bye Teen Years

I’m officially 19!!! It’s crazy! My last official years of being a teen and then it is straight into my twenties.

Every single movie I have watched depicts your teens and twenties like the best part of your life. Which I find incredibly funny because so far my teens have been horrible. They were full of insecurities and days that I had to learn how to love myself. In all honesty, I’m still working on it.

BUT not everything was awful. My teens had brought some of the most special days: Quince, Prom, Graduation of 2016, and probably more. I have grown closer to the few friends I have and my sister.

While I am absolutely terrified of growing older, I also accept it. I accept that it might be harder and that it won’t come easy. There will be days that I think I am not going to make it, and give up. I accept this life I was given, and I will try with all my might to achieve the things a teen is suppose to do. I don’t keep any promises. I’ll have fun and live life as it is. Because my teen years taught me to just live and have no worries.


P.S Pictures of today…

King and Queen

“A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes  and a promise to never give up on each other” (Surabi Surenda).

Yesterday marked the marriage anniversary of my parents. I remember when I was younger, I wanted them to kiss every day. It wouldn’t even be for special days. Maybe I wanted to see the love. Anyway, my parents are very different from each other. My father is a quiet man…very serious. My mother still has energy of a troublemaker. Her eyes glistened when she is doing a “travesura” or being a “payasa.” Yet, they both ended up together.

I guess I still like it when they kiss…

When I ask my mom to tell me how they met, I admit it wasn’t anything special. Fate pulled them together, it decided that they would baptized a little girl together. The dress shopping for the baby, and being together…they grew fond of each other and started dating. They broke up, but fate laughed and once again they ended up together.

My parents!

My parents may not be the most romantic but love is there. Over the years, I have grown to learn that they are different…but that’s okay. I appreciate that they remain strong and keep pushing through. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be the family we are now.

Ummm…I don’t have one where we are all together…but this would have to do!!!

Today, is my father’s birthday. Like I have said before, he is a man of few words. But without him, I wouldn’t have a bed to sleep on or a shelter over my head. I wouldn’t have this computer that I am typing on…I wouldn’t have the phone that I use 24/7. Without him I would be nothing…literally. I don’t say it enough…but I love you, papi!!!

My parents are my king and queen.

Me and my father.