Flower Road

Spring Break part two. That’s what I should call this post. I needed this break, but I feel like I am still feeling stressed and tired and unable to move on with school, but “ya que” right? This break has me all sorts of confused and exhausted! It makes me want a legit and honest break. Where’s summer y’all?! Okay! Y’all right! I should stop complaining. This is what I did this spring break.


It was awful…in all sorts of way, but in the end I ended up learning more about who I am. You have to get through the worst in order to get to the highs right? This song is just a little jam that sounds depressing but it really isn’t…lol.


I had an appointment at Endiro Cafe, and I have never been to such a cute cafe. The place itself had a rustic and antique look,¬† and it screamed out hipster. I could already imagine a young person going there sitting next to a window and looking out to the sidewalk and imagining a story and giving it life to it on paper and pen or the tips of his or her fingers. Next to him/her would be the coffee served in a glass or ceramic cup filled with their choice of poison, whether it be latte or cappuccino or anything with caffeine. Yet I was there with my sister, and I didn’t give birth to a beautiful poem. Instead I made sure that I could inhale the avocado toast, the latte, and the nutty nutella smoothie.

That wasn’t the end of my day! No sir, it wasn’t! I drove back to home, and there I went to Hobby Lobby with my sister. There, we bought materials that I needed for a little project that I was doing for the rest of the week… THE scrapbook album. The one that showed all the little adventures that I have had with my cousin. It was going to be my present for her. I hope she likes it. In fact, we actually spent the day with her afterwards.

Her little brother had not been to Panera, so my sister invited him out to hang out with the “big kids” for the day. I bought the kid some Andy’s custard ice cream. We watch Victoria, a Spanish horror movie. Called it a day!


I totally forgot what I did for the rest of the week for my Spring Break last week. On Saturday, I had to say to goodbye to a special person. Don’t worry; she just had to move! So that was pretty upsetting, but I enjoyed our last day together. I hope you guys have or had a bomb ass Spring Break.

My favorite K-Pop band is in a hiatus due to their military duties, but they prepared this song for their fans. Very much appreciated! It is one of my favorite songs!


Nothing Out of the Ordinary…

“You know what would be really cool? If we could freeze life”(Spring Break).

Well as you can imagine, I am / was in spring break. And just like that character I would like to freeze time. It’s Sunday, so right now would be the perfect time to freeze time.

I have exactly three hours…maybe less…and spring break is over. I wish I could have said that I went to Florida, Mexico, New York, or California. Yet, I didn’t! I stayed at home for the five days of the week. I would like to say that it was relaxing, but I think I had a stroke in the middle of my so called vacation.

These were my boring days………


I hate Mondays! I think everybody does. It is part of the human life. This Monday wasn’t as dreadful as the Monday that will be coming tomorrow. But!!! It was bad. What I did???

  • Had a heart to heart conversation with my amiga at Starbucks. While I learned that I actually like macchiato’s.
  • We actually had other things to get, so we had to get off our butts. Sad story! I had to get headphones, and she had to get food. Our first stop was to the Dollar Store, and man we couldn’t find parking!!! And when we were finally in the store, we realized we could of just went to Target. We’re dumb! So we went to Target!


This was a bit more bearable. My sister had her day off, so I wanted to do something different…but in the end we just washed our car. The ¬†inside of our car…

But I watched a movie called Love On Air, and it was a chick flick. The only movies that I’ll actually ever like. It was about a Radio broadcast who told personal moving stories of different people. While obviously, the two main characters falling in love. Because WHY NOT?!


I WANT TO DO SOMETHING!!!!! Spring Break was almost over! Here I am, sitting on my butt. So we did.

  • We went to get our pass ports, but that epically failed. We didn’t know what to bring, so we just went with what we thought we needed. But no…so instead we just got our pictures taken in Walgreens for our Passport. This is the first step of summer, so it was pretty exciting. I haven’t been out of the country since I was five or six.
  • We went to Panera for a meal. Which was our meal of the day. Very healthy (I’m joking)!
  • Since, the stores are literally right there…we went to Kohl’s, Jewel, and Ross. That was pretty succesful! My momma bought me a dress in Kohl’s. I’m so ready for summer.
  • We got home like at six…and we were pretty tired.


I tried Pho noodles for the first time. After, my sister came from work we went to go eat at some place in Naperville. It was good! But I gotta say…my momma’s green pozole is better. But my coconut milk tea with tapioca pearls was on point. Pho noodles. Checked of my bucket list!


Well the weekend came by, and I’m not ready to face another new week of school. This weekend was just me spending time with my family. Nothing out of the ordinary. Although, I did finished a K-Drama…Goblin!

While, I am kind of mad that I never get to do anything for spring break, I’m happy that I got good company. A big shout out to my friend who helped me pass by the difficult Monday, and to my sister who is willing to satisfy my needs and spoils me. Y’all kept me sorta sane this week. Spring break is over! Hope y’all have a good spring break when it comes!!! Comment what you did!